EP. 3: Tired of Cranking Out Books? How to Live Off Your Backlist with Best-Selling Author Jill Cooper

Cover of episode three, How to live off your backlist

Welcome back to the Rebel Maker! In this episode, we’re encouraging rebellious thinking and rebellious behavior in authors across the globe. Enough of this nonsense of constantly writing books to make money and stay visible as an author.

We’re taking a smarter and more sustainable approach. We’re looking at your backlist and finding new creative ways to promote and sell the books you already have.

And to dive deep into that I invited USAT best-selling author of Science Fiction, Jill Cooper. Jill is married to New York Times Best-Selling author, Malorie Cooper. Together, they started The Writing Wives, a community for indie authors who want to sell more books with their existing catalogs and get off the rat race of constantly writing and releasing.

In this episode:

  • [03:41] Hitting a bestseller list as a self-published author
  • [08:10] Why writing is just a fraction of the work of publishing a book
  • [11:40] Kickstarter: The way of the future for authors
  • [15:39] Your Backlist: Selling the books you have instead of writing more books
  • [18:17] Stop cranking out books and do this instead to sell more and write less
  • [23:27] How Writing Wives helps authors sell more books
  • [25:13] Should you buy Facebook Ads for your books?
  • [30:14] Book Recommendation: The most life-changing book Jill has read
  • [31:45] Writing advice: Jill’s best piece of writing advice

Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“How to grow income on words we’ve already written? Once we learned how to do that, I thought that more authors should learn how to do that. They should learn how to promote their backlist so they don’t have to feel the pressure to write a book every month.”


Best-Selling Author Jill Cooper's Photo