EP. 4: The Truth About Traditional Book Deals And Best Sellers

Cover of episode four, The truth about traditional book deals & best sellers

Welcome back to The Rebel Maker! In this episode, we’re uncovering how to actually make money from your books – because that’s the goal, right?

I have Kristen Laidig with me today. With over 20 years in the industry, Kristen has helped over 50 publishing companies get started and she’s published over 200 books. Her most recent title is Asskickonomics: The Powerful Unseen Force Behind Every Entrepreneur. She’s earned the title of Book Ninja.

We cover why traditional book publishing may not be the best way to publish a book these days, using your book as a marketing tool, and treating your writing as a career.

In this episode:

  • [03:59] Building a publishing company and the start of ghost publishing
  • [06:58] The Kindle 30-Day Challenge
  • [12:36] Creating products and services that turn your book into a marketing tool
  • [15:40] The biggest misconception about publishing and traditional publishing deals
  • [18:53] Getting onto a best seller list the right way
  • [23:20] Making money from books
  • [27:39] Shifting careers? Starting a business? This is what you need to hear
  • [31:40] Writing Tip: Creating a sacred time and space for writing
  • [32:59] Kristen’s definition of publishing
  • [33:18] Book recommendation: A book that was a game-changer for Kristen

Resources & Links:

Read Kristen’s book: Asskickonomics: The Powerful Unseen Force Behind Every Entrepreneur

Read Kristen’s marketing and publishing blog posts at thecasualentrepreneurs.com

Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“With the technology and tools the way it is today, why the hell are people traditionally publishing? It has its place for some industries, but I don’t think for the book world so much.”


Kristen Laidig