EP. 5: What You Need to Know if You Want to Write Your Own Memoir or Biography with Danielle Anderson 

Cover of episode five, Writing Memoirs with guest Danielle Anderson

Welcome back to The Rebel Maker! In this episode, I’ve got my friend Danielle Anderson with me, and we are talking about the biographies and memoirs.

Danielle is a memoir coach and editor who runs her business and life with heart. She is the founder of Ink Worthy Books, an editorial and publishing services company that believes everyone has a story worth telling and every story has the power to change the world.

Join us as we talk about all things publishing-related that the average person who might want to write a book probably doesn’t know.

In this episode:

  • [04:02] What Danielle means when she says, “Anyone can be a bestseller”
  • [07:21] Creating a legacy rather than a profit when writing a memoir
  • [09:54] Identifying a publisher that will have the writer’s best interests at heart
  • [12:19] It takes time and money to write and publish a good-quality book
  • [15:29] When in the writing process should a writer approach an editor?
  • [18:45] The difference between a memoir and a biography
  • [20:40] The different types of editors and why you need all of them
  • [32:46] Writing Tip: How Danielle defines publishing and her best writing tip
  • [34:38] Book Recommendation: The most life-changing book Danielle has ever read

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Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“We focus on quality over quantity […] Cheap is not a word I use. That, to me, diminishes the value of the story that people want to tell and the value of the book that they want to deliver. […] a good publisher is going to help your book be successful, no matter your goals.”