EP. 7: Getting Your Books in Front of The Right Readers with Malorie Cooper

Cover of episode seven, Getting Your Books in Front of The Right Readers with Malorie Cooper

There’s more to being a successful author than writing a book.

Welcome back to The Rebel Maker! In this episode, I’ve got author Malorie Cooper with me. If you thought all you had to do to be a successful author was write a book, think again. Malorie explains just how much goes into the process of getting your books to your readers from creating a newsletter list to choosing the right tropes.

Malorie is the author of 127 fiction books and seven nonfiction books and she’s self-published them all. She likes to think of herself as a dreamer and a wanderer, yet her feet are firmly grounded in reality.

In this episode:

  • [03:26] The first lesson Malorie learned about writing
  • [06:30] How Malorie came to self-publish her books
  • [09:39] Getting your books in front of the right people
  • [12:56] How Malorie got on the New York Times Bestseller List
  • [15:42] Business lessons Malorie has learned in her writing and publishing career
  • [23:41] Practical lessons to implement in your writing, publishing, and marketing practice
  • [25:52] Building your newsletter list as an author
  • [29:45] Book Recommendation: Two of Malorie’s favorite non-fiction books
  • [33:13] Writing Wives: How Malorie and her wife are helping other authors become rockstars

Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“Your productivity as an author is really important from a business perspective. In a way, you’re your own employee who has to create a product and you have to make it in a reasonable amount of time. If you want to do this as a business, you can’t take years to write a book.”