EP. 7: Getting Your Books in Front of The Right Readers with Malorie Cooper

There’s more to being a successful author than writing a book.

Welcome back to The Rebel Maker! In this episode, I’ve got author Malorie Cooper with me. If you thought all you had to do to be a successful author was write a book, think again. Malorie explains just how much goes into the process of getting your books to your readers from creating a newsletter list to choosing the right tropes.

Malorie is the author of 127 fiction books and seven nonfiction books and she’s self-published them all. She likes to think of herself as a dreamer and a wanderer, yet her feet are firmly grounded in reality.

In this episode:

  • [03:26] The first lesson Malorie learned about writing
  • [06:30] How Malorie came to self-publish her books
  • [09:39] Getting your books in front of the right people
  • [12:56] How Malorie got on the New York Times Bestseller List
  • [15:42] Business lessons Malorie has learned in her writing and publishing career
  • [23:41] Practical lessons to implement in your writing, publishing, and marketing practice
  • [25:52] Building your newsletter list as an author
  • [29:45] Book Recommendation: Two of Malorie’s favorite non-fiction books
  • [33:13] Writing Wives: How Malorie and her wife are helping other authors become rockstars

Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“Your productivity as an author is really important from a business perspective. In a way, you’re your own employee who has to create a product and you have to make it in a reasonable amount of time. If you want to do this as a business, you can’t take years to write a book.”