EP. 9: Saying Yes to Opportunities with Copywriter And Ghostwriter Tasha Christy

Cover of episode 9 of The Rebel Maker Podcast, Saying Yes to Opportunities with Tasha Christy

Welcome back to the Rebel Maker podcast. Today I have Tasha Christy with me and she is a perfect example of saying yes to opportunities, staying open to all possibilities, and trusting yourself. Tasha is an intuitive copywriter, ghostwriter, wordsmith, and copy coach.

Tasha is known for helping her clients craft powerful and potent messaging that engages, activates, and converts audiences everywhere. We talk about trusting yourself and your intuition, building your platform as a writer, figuring out your messaging, and more!

In this episode:

  • [03:29] Tasha’s journey from speech pathologist to intuitive copywriter and copy coach
  • [10:04] Discovering Energetic Marketing and Human Design
  • [15:03] Embracing being a writer
  • [23:39] Learning about marketing and sales
  • [27:46] Should publishing your book cost you money? Or should you be paid for it?
  • [30:29] Building your platform as an author before you write your book
  • [32:36] Practical tips to figure out your messaging

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Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“I spent so much time on my title when I first started in business. It’s just ridiculous. People don’t care about that. People want to know how you can help them be, do, or have what they desire.”