EP. 10: Embracing Your Personal Mission with Laura McKenna

Cover of episode 10 of The Rebel Maker Podcast with the title, Embracing Your Personal Mission with Laura McKenna

Welcome back to the Rebel Maker podcast. My guest today is my friend, Laura McKenna. With over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience, Laura is relentless in her calling to equip military and veteran women leaders to show up in their lives as themselves, achieve their potential, and make an impact that is meaningful to them.

Laura shares her story of transformation with us and provides frameworks that can help you to unpack and deconstruct your beliefs too. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

In this episode:

  • [03:28]  Laura’s life and business journey and how she has embraced her mission in life
  • [08:25] The process of unpacking and changing beliefs that aren’t serving you
  • [18:16] The highs and lows of transitioning from a corporate 9-5 to starting your own business
  • [26:39] Balancing rest time and work time without the guilt
  • [33:26] Meeting your vision-self
  • [37:10] The two reasons why you’re resisting and procrastinating 
  • [40:47] Pushing past the resistance that comes from fear

Noteworthy quote from this episode:

“The most rebellious thing you can do on earth is be yourself in a world that is telling you that to earn our approval, you have to be this thing. Well, I’m not that thing.”


Image of Laura McKenna