EP. 12: The Importance of Connecting with Yourself with Jenn Henry

Cover of episode 12 of The Rebel Maker Podcast with the title, The Importance of Connecting with Yourself with Jenn Henry

Welcome back to the Rebel Maker podcast. I am so excited to have Jenn Henry with me today. Jenn is an ex-homeless, ex-IV drug addict, felon turned published author, speaker, coach, and six-figure business owner. She is proof that it doesn't matter where you come from, or where you start, it matters where you keep going.

Jenn shares her story of disconnection with us and explains how she managed to turn her life around and become a successful entrepreneur. We talk about boundaries, the art of saying no, belief systems, and so much more.

In this episode:

  • [03:05] How getting arrested saved Jenn’s life
  • [10:16] How your belief system influences your world
  • [17:54] The shift in Jenn that allowed her to reconnect to herself after years of disconnection
  • [30:39] Setting boundaries and putting yourself first
  • [32:35] Jenn’s entrepreneurial journey
  • [37:13] What Jenn would do differently for her next book
  • [39:42] Building a community through book challenges

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Noteworthy quotes from this episode:

“I was able to start connecting to and building a relationship with that highest part of myself, actually tuning in, instead of praying to God that was outside of me. That is when I started to make a shift in my life. “

“I just know that when you need to hear it, the universe will absolutely speak to you any which way it can.”


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