EP. 19: Accessing Your Zone of Genius with Dawn Christian

Cover of episode 19 of The Rebel Maker Podcast with the title, E19. Accessing Your Zone of Genius with Dawn Christian

Welcome back to the Rebel Maker podcast. This is one of my favorite episodes, (and I knew it was going to be even before we started recording) because I have Dawn Christian as my guest.

Dawn is an Oracle, Alchemist, and Metaphysical Advisor for women in life, business, and relationships. She has been supporting women to spiritual and material success since 2013 and enjoys the study of esotericism and deep psychology in her spare time.

We get deep! Dawn shares her wisdom on the concept of duality, creating through genius, unconscious programming, and so much more.

In this episode:

  • [03:20] Inner healing through stillness
  • [05:20] The concept of duality, shadow work, and embracing all aspects of yourself
  • [11:34] Falling in love with who you are and how reality flows through you
  • [15:08] Mimicked creation versus genius creation
  • [18:57] The difference between discipline, motivation, and inspiration
  • [23:43] Creating a routine of discipline
  • [31:13] The unconscious mind and our unconscious programming 

Noteworthy quotes from this episode:

“Genius is when you are in a space that is as unique as you. Your genius doesn’t look like anyone else’s genius. It’s just like your thumbprint. It’s like your version of a snowflake. Nobody else has the same genius as you do.”