E22 Kickstarting Change and Generational Healing with Kate Wilburn

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Welcome back to The Rebel Maker podcast. Today’s guest is one of my best friends, Kate Wilburn, and we are talking about family, healing generational trauma, creating new legacies, finding gratitude, and kickstarting change for others.

Kate is a CEO by day and a mompreneur by night. She’s got her hands full running several companies, but nothing compares to the joy of watching her family grow and thrive. Beyond the boardrooms and business deals, her real passion lies in creating a legacy of love and purpose – and she is forever dedicated to making a difference one family at a time. The ripple effects of what Kate is building will be vast and deep. Dive into this episode with us to discover what this change she’s kickstarting is all about.

In this episode:

  • [03:35] Leveraging AI to help you write versus having it write for you
  • [06:09] Helping families empower their family legacies
  • [07:52] The idea of a golden mom and a golden family as models
  • [09:51] Everyone needs a kickstarter for change and healing
  • [15:36] Coping with this very intense season while still finding gratitude
  • [20:16] You are not the only one going through a hard time
  • [23:10] Our soul and mindset directly affect our bodies
  • [28:36] Compassionate journaling and releasing what’s keeping you stuck
  • [36:08] Kate’s kickstarter teachings are making waves

Resources from this episode:

Want AI help with your marketing and sales? Check out this most amazing tool: brainbay.io.

Find some free tools, courses, and info about Kate and her teachings at legacydevelopmentgroup.org.

Noteworthy quotes from this episode:

“Every one of us needs that kickstarter, whatever it may be. If the kickstarter is a relationship that we can model ourselves after, it could even be a trauma that happens to us that helps us realize ‘You know what? I don’t want to perpetuate this any longer. I need to pivot. I want to stop this cycle. I want to heal my family lineage.  I want my children’s children to have greater opportunities than what I had. How do I do that?’”


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