E26. Let It Be Easy: Choose the Temporary Hard That Frees You with LauraAura

The Rebel Maker episode 26. Let It Be Easy: Choose the Temporary Hard That Frees You with LauraAura featured image

Welcome back to The Rebel Maker podcast. In today’s episode, I have with me my business bestie of 16+ years and one of the bravest people I know, LauraAura.

Laura is a vibrant speaker, coach, author-in-the-making, and host of The Gutsy Podcast, a Top 100 Podcast, and all-around visionary. She is an Alignment Coach for driven women, guiding them to learn how to honor their energy and truly listen to what they want instead of what they’ve been taught they should. She’ll be the first person to push you out of your comfort zone and the last to hug you as you head to the next level of your life. And that’s what she brings to the table today.

In this episode:

  • [03:02] Laura’s entrepreneurial journey and what she learned
  • [06:29] Putting yourself last and no longer doing that
  • [10:46] What if you started with you first? Be selfish
  • [14:05] Leaning into a new temporary discomfort
  • [16:15] Identifying what’s no longer serving you and letting go of it
  • [24:55] Navigating “What will they say?” and standing up for yourself
  • [29:08] How Laura is manifesting the book she’s about to write
  • [31:20] The importance of creating the capacity to do what you really want
  • [36:53] Laura’s experience writing Brandstarter, her first book 
  • [39:38] How Laura is going to do things differently this time around
  • [43:48] Let it be easy, let the hard end
  • [46:30] The story of the Aura Building

Resources from this episode:

I mentioned Kenzie Groh’s episode as the previous episode, but before you go looking for it, I want to let you know that it still hasn’t aired but it’s coming up soon on the podcast.

Catch up on Episode 10 Are You Procrastinating? Maybe It’s Time to Meet Your Vision-Self with Laura McKenna.

Noteworthy quotes from this episode:

“At this point, I am the only one stopping me. And […] I work primarily with women, a lot of female entrepreneurs, the #1 thing that stops women from moving forward is themselves.”


Website:  lauraaura.com