E27. What You Need To Know When Writing a Story and Including Someone Else

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Welcome back to The Rebel Maker Podcast. In today’s episode, I’m answering the questions I always get from authors when they’re writing a story that includes another individual or that, at some point in their book, are writing about another individual.

We’re going to dive into defamation of character, rights of publicity, the importance of having a lawyer to back you up, and whatever you need to protect yourself. If it’s up to me, this will NOT be the reason that stops you from writing your book.

In this episode:

  • [02:02] Some of the concerns authors have when writing a story and including somebody else
  • [03:43] 2 laws you should take into consideration when writing a book
  • [05:54] Real-life example of a defamation of character lawsuit
  • [07:19] How you can protect yourself when writing about someone else in your book
  • [09:26] How much detail should go into your story? How do you go about changing those details to keep those characters anonymous? 
  • [11:55] Working with an editor when writing that personal story

Resources from this episode:

If you need help with the legal side of this, call my lawyer at johnston-legal.com 

Email Marti at marti@rebelqueen.co

Noteworthy quotes from this episode:

“That which we go through is for naught if we don’t utilize what we have learned and utilize those life lessons to help shorten somebody else’s learning curve.”


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