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Rebel Queen Writing Program

Join Us This Fall To Write Your Damn Book So You Can Grow Your Business And Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field.

Watch the video to get a behind-the-scenes look into how the program works.

This Breakthrough Program is How You Add Author To Your Title And Grow Your Reach for Increased Visibility, Credibility, Exposure, And Build Your Clientele.


What would it feel like to...

Confidently establish YOUR credibility and set YOURSELF apart from other women in your niche,

because you've been guided through a structured foolproof process that brings the clarity you've been missing up until now.

Know how to structure YOUR book and have the satisfaction that it is done with a writing coach at your side,

because you have been given the tools that will assist YOU in planning and building your book to the highest standard that will convert and produce sales.

Understand how to market YOUR book to grow your business and fulfill your dreams,

because you're using a strategy that works for selling books authentically and that is aligned to YOU and your ideal client or customer.

Without being stopped by...


Because you’ve gained access to a program that saves an incredible amount of time by helping you organize the details of your book into a cohesive structure, thereby banging out your book in the most time-efficient way possible. 

Specialized Skillset & Education

Because with the program you’ve just said yes to, the only skill YOU need is the ability to answer questions about your book & your ideal client or customer. You have the what and why, the program will have the how!

Feeling Like An Imposter or Not Feeling Good Enough

Because the truth is you’re the authority and the expert in what you do! Your business is not invisible nor should it be! What you have to offer is needed and your book is a piece of your sales funnel. One that is much needed! You simply need a supporter and a guide to help you build your confidence in WRITING YOUR DAMN BOOK! 

If this resonates with you, I have fabulous news...

It’s possible to “have your cake and eat it, too” in confidently writing YOUR book. Meaning: you can really “get” the process behind writing your book (aka, chapter structure, gaining clarity on the topic, etc..) AND feel good about the way you approach it. 

It starts when you clearly understand your message and how to convey that to your ideal client or customer in a very compelling way.

Wondering how that can be accomplished? Let me introduce you to the…

Rebel Queen Writing Program

A step-by-step program that provides a foolproof system to get your book out of your head and on to paper.

Your answers to the strategic questions in the program become a map to build, structure and write your book so that it is one step closer to being published.

This program creates a space for you to brain dump your book onto paper and piece it together in a cohesive way so that it reads clearly to the reader. We approach book writing with a solid plan in place. There is no room for uncertainty and confusion on what happens next.

So if you've had a difficult time writing YOUR book in the past because you've had no time, no roadmap, no system, and you feel like you are not good enough to write your book... prepare to look at writing your book in a whole new way.

Writing isn't difficult & Rebel Queen's got the goods to help you get your DAMN BOOK WRITTEN!

Imagine how it would feel to add 'Author' to your title and grow your reach for increased visibility, credibility, exposure, and build your clientele?

Because you have been given a step-by-step system to get your book done!

It means...

The Rebel Queen Writing Program will help you...

Gain Confidence

The clarity you'll receive from this program will result in you no longer questioning your integrity behind writing your book. You are the authority and expert in what you do! Don't forget that!

Gain Visibility

All your thoughts and ideas around how to promote your book will be organized through this program - because it takes your authentic voice to sell your book and rally your audience to wanting to buy your book!

Market Authentically

Most marketing strategies center on problems and fear-based tactics. We don't promote this in our program! We help you focus on how your book fulfills a desire or experience. We will also provide a 365 day social media prompt calendar to help you kick start your digital marketing campaigns to help market and sell your book.

By now, you may be wondering who I am and why I created this program...

bw close up of rebel face in corner

Hi I'm Marti!

With more than 200 books under her belt, Marti is the person our authors turns to when they need to make things happen. Her No-BS approach to publishing and problem solving is what sets her apart from everyone else: she gets things done right the first time.

Marti is unequivocally steadfast in her vision, loyalty, and determination. She’s the kind of woman you want on your side because she works with you to take your big ideas and turn them into strategic, actionable plans. She

sets clear goals, helps you with your content, and publishes your material while acting as your accountability coach. She plays hard and works harder and, at the end of the day, she can clarify your story better than you can. Marti lives a life full of joy with her husband, daughters, grandbabies, six tattoos, and a mile-long list of audacious goals that she checks off daily. Want to make big things happen? She’s the one who gets you there.

I know that the Rebel Queen Writing Program is going to change everything for you. Join the program and let's get started TODAY!

Are you ready to Write Your Damn Book so you can grow your business and establish yourself as an expert in your field?

Inside The Rebel Queen Writing Program:

1. Weekly group coaching and support from Marti Statler during the 12-week program.

2. A 365 Social Media Content Prompt Calendar to help you start marketing your book during the program.

3. Writing Program fillable PDF Guide to support you through writing your book.

4. Marketing & Publishing Strategies with a bonus from Marti Statler at the end of the program.

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